Ghormeh Sabzi, Gheymeh and loobia polo Recipe

Ghormeh sabzi

Ghormeh Sabzi (Persian: قورمه‌ سبزی‎) (also spelled as Qormeh Sabzi) is an Iranian herb stew. It is a very popular dish in Iran.


The main ingredients are a mixture of sauteed herbs, consisting mainly of parsley, leeks or green onions, and coriander, seasoned with the key spice of dried fenugreek leaves. The herb mixture has many variations; any dark bitter green can be used, such as kale, mustard greens, turnip greens, etc., although none are part of the original recipe.


This mixture is cooked with kidney beans or yellow split-peas, yellow or red onions, black lime (pierced dried limu-Omani Persian lime), and turmeric-seasoned lamb or beef. The dish is then served with chelow (Persian parboiled and steamed rice) or over tahdig.



Gheyemeh (Persian: قیمه‎) is an Iranian stew (khoresh) consisting of mutton, tomatoes, split peas, onion and dried lime. The stew is garnished with aubergine or saffron flavored fried potatoes and is usually served with rice (polow).

Stews are not all about meat, this vegetarian recipe of Khoresht Gheymeh is full of flavor. Simply omit meat from classic recipe and top it with extra  french fries and use vegetable oil! that’s it! This stew is super delicious.


Loobia polo

Rice is a staple of the Iranian diet. Different methods are applied in cooking rice. Chelow is a plain rice that is steamed. You can serve chelow with stews like ghormeh sabzi, khoresht karafs, khoresht gheimeh  and all kinds of meat and kebabs. Polow is  a persian dish that is cooked with vegetables, meat, chicken, and various kinds of beans like loobia polo and baghali polo. How to make a colorful and tasty loobia polo?


loobiya polo is made with a variety of recipes, for example, with chopped meat, chicken or soy, or like the one in this recipe, with ground beef.



5 Best Tricks To Make Healthy Food Taste

Struggling to prepare healthy meals that not only are kind to your waistline, but also taste good on your fork? You’re not alone. Many home cooks have a tough time figuring out how to make healthy food taste delicious.


1-Replace sour cream, mayo, or butter with labneh

Greatist also reports you can replace high-fat ingredients — such as sour cream, mayonnaise, and butter — with labneh. This strained yogurt cheese is both thicker and creamier than Greek yogurt. (Yogurt can also substitute for sour cream or mayonnaise.) You can even use labneh in place of butter when you’re baking. According to Greatist, the swap “adds flavor, moisture, and brings a lightness to enhance any dish.”


2- But don’t overdo the salt

A little bit of salt won’t hurt you. But don’t fall into the trap of adding way too much salt to make up for a meal’s low fat content. Cooking Light advises cutting back on salt, particularly if you overuse it. (And read the labels on store-bought items, such as sour cream. Low-fat versions might have more salt than the regular version.) Try new herbs and spices to make up for the reduced salt. And realize you don’t always have to use the dried or powdered versions. Many chefs prefer fresh herbs and freshly ground spices.


3-Use cauliflower instead of cream

Another eyebrow-raising substitution a professional chef recommended to Greatist? You can steam and puree cauliflower, and use the result in place of cream. In dishes, such as risotto or creamed spinach, swapping the high-fat cream for cauliflower makes the dish lighter and healthier. But this unlikely swap also adds extra fiber, vitamins, and nutrients to your meal.



4-Add vinegar

Think your dish needs something extra, but don’t want to reach for the salt or butter? Try vinegar. Greatist learned vinegar offers “a light and refreshing way to make an average dish taste way better in less than a minute.” And it’s not just white vinegar you should have in your pantry. Red wine vinegar, for instance, will brighten the flavor of braised meat. And balsamic vinegar can balance the flavor in a soup that tastes too salty.


5-Cook with venison instead of beef

If you’re up for switching out the kind of meat you prepare, Greatist recommends trying venison instead of beef. “It has the same amount of protein as beef and about ⅕ of the fat — even less than skinless chicken breast but with much more flavor.” Don’t know how to buy or prepare venison? Look for a premium cut, such as loin, rack, or tenderloin. Then, use a very hot pan or grill to cook it to medium-rare. That way, you’ll get the best flavor and moisture.

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